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Almost 18 years passed since I first saw the Israeli promo for “Buffy the vampire slayer”, who made me a fan of the show. I remember that I decided to tape record the first show just in order to have the whole season on tape in any case i’ll decide to see it all over again. I was in 7th grade, which in Israel is two years before high school- which makes it much more easier for me to fall for this show. After reading the article “The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and online Fandom when Buffy the Vampire Slayer Goes to eBay” by Josh Stenger, and my reference to the time where I still needed to hold our home phone land line on order to connect to the internet- I find that the online world of fandoms have a lot more power than I thought. I only used to internet to catch the next episode synopsis, well, of course In that time I would be pretty excited to find about a whole wardrobe of one of the actors  going on sale, but it was probably very far from an actual purchase. I can truly relate to the feeling of fans mentioned in the article about their passion to get one of the sale items, just for the feeling that they are part of it. I think that my physical distance from the places where teenage shows were produced, made me feel like there’s not a chance to be connected to the show, so I must have been thrilled to see those ebay auctions…Buying might be a minor activity for a culture that you feel part of, but it makes so much stronger connection to the fan subject. It’s almost like investing in art, it just a matter of how much people it will interest, and in this case of Buffy I think it will last for a long time, as it became such a popular culture that still continue to produce fan content, and even original pieces of content from the creator.

In the OC weekly article “The Very Merry Un-Gangs of Disneyland” by Charles Lam, I had a chance to read about a phenomena I didn’t know about before. Family gangs, that gather and go to Disneyland together. Well, if I write it without describing how they look like, it’s sounds like a very normal thing, but I guess that I need to mention that they actually look like the classic gangs- tattoos, leather jackets, denim vests with patches, leading a culture of people that enjoying their time together in the parks. I feel that these groups try to capture some youth spirit in their life as adults, although it seems like they capturing both childhood with the main theme- Disneyland, and grown up them- which is the gangs. Those two makes it very interesting combination of how they would like to see themselves grow up, and it seems , like Buffy’s fans that want to taste a bit from the essence of the series, want to feel part of a bigger thing.

Fandom Week #2

As part of Fandom class, we had to perform fandom activity and document it. I joined Sweta, Hub and Molly to a roller disco rink at Brooklyn, with a great hope that this is going to be a great fandom to explore. As far as the instructions given, we had to explore a fandom which is far from what we know, so even if our brain will try to tell us it’s a bad idea- we need to fight it.

So we did.

Sweta found a Brooklyn roller disco party on Friday night, located in Prospect park at a place called Lakeside Brooklyn. (I’ll skip the part where I got lost in the park).

I met Sweta at outside the party, while people gathering with their own rollers wrapped around their bags, couples with matching costumes, mostly glitter, well, you can’t ignore that the theme of the party was “Purple rain”..














I recognized a few of the terms that we spoke about in class, while trying to figure out how to stabilize myself…

First, the most engaging way to show your relation to this fandom is to wear your rollers. if you don’t wear one- you’re not allowed in the rink (I tried to get some photos from the inner circle show, after I took off my rollers- and they pretty much kicked me out of there..). You feel very safe if you’re one of those lucky people that can actually roller and not look like they fear from their own weight and balance. I can also say that the special rink, this venue, looks like it’s for skating/Icing only, that helps people to feel that they arrived to a place dedicated for something they love.

I could also recognize that there is a part of this fandom that is a showoff, you come to this place to show your abilities. Especially the people that look like it’s the last thing that you’d expect them to know.

At first I thought this activity will be really fun and it’s going to be like coming to a kids party and just do whatever you want and have fun. But no, that was some serious roller disco involved! In the second when you put your foot/roller in the rink- you need to be part of the stream, part of the circle of people, and when you’re not- you don’t feel part of it…I had few moments where I felt like I really got it and started to turn away from the edges and closer to the center- one attempt to do that caused a real fast slipping…I don’t want to describe how I managed to get up! 🙂

I think that the part that I loved the most was to document the people…They have really good vibe going on, but I didn’t feel like I was part of them..I just tried really hard to make them see me as part of them, which was physically – not possible.

thumb_IMG_6615_1024 thumb_IMG_6636_1024 thumb_IMG_6450_1024



































Despite the fall and my lack of experience, I did have fun , but because there is a very physical experience that you need to go through in order to feel part of this group, I couldn’t attach  to it completely.

Of course we had our photo taken:

















And I also uploaded a pic from this place on my Instagram:

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After a few days, I got a comment from them:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.27.46 AM











So I guess that next time I’ll need to come much more prepared..