Performing User – Week #02

Performing user class. Our first subject discussed in class was instructions, and how it can be an shooting start for a performance. We had to bring examples of instructions. These were mine: the link for the first instruction guide, which is a mini-site for one of Lomography cameras- Spinner 360°. It can take 360° photos on film. And vintage instruction,  this guide of an old typing machine.

We had to create a performance inspired by one of the instruction that we brought to class, or to choose new set. The performance should tell something about ourselves. I thought it will be a good chance to get some new pics with my Spinner and also to try and recreate the action that I’m used to take, share it with the class and try to get some new results.

I made this prototype of how we can use the camera remotly:


Setting an instruction for this activity will be probably :

1. Go to an open space with a lot of light with tripod and two sand bags.

2. steady the camera with tripod and sand bags.

3.  Stand in a circle around the camera, you can also release it from the stand.

4. Pull the string slowly but firmly, and release it. The time of the release is the time that the camera is capturing, so you can also release it slowly.

5. Wait for the development.