ICM week #1 – Drawing with p5.js

First assignment at ICM class was to try all those shapes and colors codes, and working with different attributes.

As I watched the working process in the class by my teacher, I could see that defining position and size of an object, turns out to be much similar like using Illustrator, or at least, getting that information from the info window. I’m sure it’s going to be much more complicated, but as for this practice, I think it can work.

I started to create my image from a picture of a wooden astronaut toy I got from my friend Roni:


So from there I started to go over the shapes of the toy, tracing it in more precise way:


That way I had all the information needed, in order to recreate this objects on p5.



I started with the body, and created each layer that comes after. On the way I noticed how much to order is important, how attributes affect object underneath it. I had a some trouble with the arc() object definitions, so my astronaut got only eyes for his face.

Watch the final piece here.

ICM Course

ICM refers to Intro to Computational Media. In this course i’m going to learn a programming language called P5.js.