Subtraction – Week #10 Final project Process

For the final subtraction project, I decided to combine a class that i’m in “Programming design systems” with Rune Madsen. I was thinking that it will be cool to create a system that can help cut shapes on the CNC. I think that a custom solution can be good to create original pieces, and maybe easier than using softwares like illustrator, essentially you need for a CNC cur only a vector- which I can program the code to have as the final out put.

Presentation_PDS-page-001 Presentation_PDS-page-002 Presentation_PDS-page-003

I started to explore both materials and ways to control a system in code. The code was leaning much of an earlier project, where I made a random Roy Lichtenstein randomizer, that creates his work “Explosion” (1965-6). On the bottom is the original, on the top image is the code creation, that random the sizes of all shapes. the code based on sin and cosine elements.


Explosion 1965-6 Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997 Presented by the Museum of Modern Art, New York 1976

By using the code to control dots around a circle, we can change distance between dots, we can change the amount of the dots in a circle, and also curves. You can see the final result of the code here. The shapes can be designed and then saved as an svg.


I started with testing the materials that can be used for the pieces, with the thought in my mind that maybe having more than one material can help the variety of the final pieces. Plywood was great to test regrading the width of the material, but the plies sometimes chopped or missing inside the piece of wood. I tried also maple, 1″ thickness, which came out pretty solid. I also tried pine, which gave good result but the pieces felt really light. I also tested aluminum on the 4 axis machine, which didn’t gave good results. I decided to continue with the maple.


I started cutting shapes, and combining them into different creatures, in order to future assign shapes to animals. Because it’s a creation of animals that is using code, I called the project “CoSin Zoo”.


I decided to add the simple shapes attributes of specific animals in order to help shaping the animals, I made 3 animals for the final piece- deer, sheep and a blowfish/or some people say- a porcupine.

IMG_7275 IMG_7282

Instead of using the male female version of clicking the pieces together, i made a hole that you’ll slide the pieces together, also as a feature to include more materials in the piece.

IMG_7281 IMG_7284

After all the pieces was ready I used the wax wheel to finish the wood.


These are the final zoo! >>>>

IMG_7297 IMG_7298

Subtraction is one of the most fun course at ITP, thanks Ben!

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