Data Art #1: Data & Aesthetic

Data art assignment gonna be spread into 4 sections, each one will be spread over 3 weeks. Our first assignment was to create an aesthetic piece from data set, that we would be happy to have in our room.

I started to look for some data sets in “Data in plural” newsletter that have a collection of great data set from different sources. I found some interesting stuff like collection of all the nuclear bombings in the world, I also had some interest in LIDAR data that was given for few cities. It’s information of height that taken with a low plane taking pictures of the area underneath it, and then you can create 3D models from the data those pictures collect. It just seems to be a way to create something in 3D. Then I found data set that I thought will be great to CNC and create 3D visualization from: Antarctica and the Arctics Ice extant.

I found a source than collect satellite pics from each year, and I chose Antarctica, just because of its island shape that I can work with. I decide to create the earliest data and the latest area: 1979 and 2016, 37 years of Ice extant.

s_197904_extn_v2 s_198104_extn_v2 s_199904_extn_v2 s_201204_extn_v2 s_201304_extn_v2 s_201404_extn_v2 s_201604_extn_v2

The information is available at The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) website, and is available as an FTP directory.


I created vectors smoother vectors from the images and created one land and two Ice extant models.img_2564

The feel of those 2 objects turned out different, the tangibility of the shapes in the wood let you feel the differences between those two periods of time.

img_2565 img_2566

This is the final file:



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