Physical Computing – Week #3

This week we got familiar with the Arduino microcontroller. We can program it for specific applications.

In our home work we experienced analog and digital circuits.

First I started with the analog lab, using potentiometer and force resistors. Both of these components are analog input that we connect to the Arduino, and they’re range vary, other than digital which it’s range is or 1 or 0.


↯ ANALOG LAB : Potentiometer , Photo resistor & FSR 


This is the value that was printed:


It was weird that the minimum value was not 0..why is that happened?..

















The valued vary between 76-77 up to 916, again, no zero..


↯ FSR 

For the creative solution I wanted at first to make a record player by adjusting the power of a motor that it will be able to be in the right spinning speed for a needle to get the sound out of it.  I got help from Druje, a fellow ITPer, who has experience in physical computing before and he showed me how you can make a resistor from a potentiometer, which was a great thing to know..I made it work in terms of mapping the value and make the motor spin only after getting over 100 value, but after research and also getting few advices from TK, I figured it will  need much more work to make it actually be in the same spinning control that the vinyl require.. Any way it was a nice experiment, and I hope in the future I can make it work completely.















I went to “Barcade” which is an arcade game bar, I thought to observe the interaction of the gamers with the machines, but actually when I got there, I found the change machine! which seemed to be neat and small for this mission. The machine reads a user input – 1-20 value dollar bills, and output game coins. The people that uses it, are the bar customers, most have them looks like it’s not their first time there, and do this action pretty quickly. few people got their bill back because they didn’t insert it the right way. When you are in a hurry to defeat your friend it the game, it looks like they are really annoyed that the machine can’t just read the bill int hey way they inserted it. Most of the people did it quickly, in a matter if 6 sec for the transaction, and a few more seconds to collect the coins- depend how much you got. the output is in this metal pocket that you need to collect the coins from it’s inside. The machine that I observed wasn’t high tech, it looked very simple and I think this is what allows it to be quick, and I think except the coin pocket, it’s has a good user experience. It’s function has good relation with it’s form. It’s location was good, just by entering the main hall of arcades. I think that Bret Victor can be sure that future of change coins machines in arcade bars is safe from the touch interface for now.

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