Hacking Story Frameworks – Final Midterm – Unidentified halo


Our final midterm got a title this week, after testing and watching how our idea can actually be used, we decided to title it “Unidentified halo”. Our product was able to make an exposure that made a surveillance camera at ITP- not to recognize a face.


Our work on the final piece was made out of a circuit with 25 Infra red LEDs connected to a potentiometer, that controlled the power. It took power from a lithium battery to it light and small power source.

As you can see in the next example, we put our image in the google cloud platform service in order to test our hat- and it worked- the service didn’t recognize Rebecca’s face wearing the hat.


Our goal was to make a product that protect you from surveillance in an elegant way. We started from the story of our worry for our privacy and ended up creating a tool that can help us and others preventing unintentional identity sharing.hacking-story-frame-works-end-004

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