Hacking Story Frameworks – Final Project – Research and Idea

For the final project I’m collaborating with Annie and Jordan, in their archival project AR platform they want to create.
I think it’s an exciting idea, and the thought of trying to make this work, means a lot to how we can look at archival materials in general, but also for location data in AR and the different layers that we can apply information and show it in a creative way.
Our research start with an AR professor, Mark Skwarek, AR guru at NYU who teaches at the engineering school, in order to check more ways to bring to life the AR archive footage as a layer on top of the real world, following geo information. I was also approaching Ziv Schneider and Julia Erwin, whom I study in another class, and Ziv had few suggestions of services that can help us, like so I should explore that area. We also in touch with Todd Bryant that teaches body in motion, and in general , he’s a genius. A few examples tools that we need to look into:
AR for Unity:
AR for Unreal using Tango:
Vuforia- Unity developer kit:

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