Alt Docs Week 2: Scanning and building a Unity scene using collaboration tool

Stephanie and I met in order to start working with depth kit. We wanted just to check what’s the process that needed to make a volumetric recording. After recording ourselves we had some visualizer problems when our depth data layer wasn’t sync with our rgb info. After a lot of debugging and meeting Or (1st year) on the floor, and dealing with a slow computer, we got to use the geometry tab that helped us a lot in order to use only the data the we need. I think that for a first shot in the kit we got nice results. Next thing that we’re going to do is to get few scans of¬†objects that we can use as a portal- subway station, elevators and stairs, in order to create a scene that you can cut to another scene from it, and create a story between those locations.

I decided to have my object from Israel, and ask a friend to take photos for me from a place that looks like a subway entrance, but really isn’t and actually is a really smelly public toilet from the middle of Tel-Aviv. My friend had some shots through his iPhone but still I could get a really nice result from Photoscan.screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-10-44-43-pm


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