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Almost 18 years passed since I first saw the Israeli promo for “Buffy the vampire slayer”, who made me a fan of the show. I remember that I decided to tape record the first show just in order to have the whole season on tape in any case i’ll decide to see it all over again. I was in 7th grade, which in Israel is two years before high school- which makes it much more easier for me to fall for this show. After reading the article “The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and online Fandom when Buffy the Vampire Slayer Goes to eBay” by Josh Stenger, and my reference to the time where I still needed to hold our home phone land line on order to connect to the internet- I find that the online world of fandoms have a lot more power than I thought. I only used to internet to catch the next episode synopsis, well, of course In that time I would be pretty excited to find about a whole wardrobe of one of the actors  going on sale, but it was probably very far from an actual purchase. I can truly relate to the feeling of fans mentioned in the article about their passion to get one of the sale items, just for the feeling that they are part of it. I think that my physical distance from the places where teenage shows were produced, made me feel like there’s not a chance to be connected to the show, so I must have been thrilled to see those ebay auctions…Buying might be a minor activity for a culture that you feel part of, but it makes so much stronger connection to the fan subject. It’s almost like investing in art, it just a matter of how much people it will interest, and in this case of Buffy I think it will last for a long time, as it became such a popular culture that still continue to produce fan content, and even original pieces of content from the creator.

In the OC weekly article “The Very Merry Un-Gangs of Disneyland” by Charles Lam, I had a chance to read about a phenomena I didn’t know about before. Family gangs, that gather and go to Disneyland together. Well, if I write it without describing how they look like, it’s sounds like a very normal thing, but I guess that I need to mention that they actually look like the classic gangs- tattoos, leather jackets, denim vests with patches, leading a culture of people that enjoying their time together in the parks. I feel that these groups try to capture some youth spirit in their life as adults, although it seems like they capturing both childhood with the main theme- Disneyland, and grown up them- which is the gangs. Those two makes it very interesting combination of how they would like to see themselves grow up, and it seems , like Buffy’s fans that want to taste a bit from the essence of the series, want to feel part of a bigger thing.

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