Physical Computing – Week #8 – Final project thoughts

The final project made me go back to look for inspirations. The midterm project has brought up a lot of options that opened for future projects, but was too complicated for a short time. I love the fact that an object can be independent, I would consider it also as sustainable, and i’m trying to look for those elements, or behaviors in this direction.

Work by Yuri Suzuki

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.18.58 PM









I’m also interested in looking into machines that can be used in live concerts, which is the most common activity that i’m doing in the city since I arrived here, and it’s also something that I used to do back in Tel-Aviv.

Another elements that I’d love to research is distances in space. After this Tuesday applications speaker (-name-) I was a little bit off of the subject, but I was wondering how I can visualize distances in outer space, from earth to the moon? when someone say “I love you to the moon and back” – how much is it?

I would love to check also the option of making products for children, something that can react and teach them something, even one word, or a color..something to make my nieces happy..


While researching I found out about paper.js which is a lot of visual examples using javaSvcript. it might be nice to incorporate this examples in a music video, or maybe live music video, with a pad made out of buttons, that maybe you can record your own music video using your own effects..

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