ICM – Week #9 – Final projects proposal

To my final ICM project, I teamed with Xiwei to make a visualization guide for our physical computing project made with Ruta. When we presented our P-comp ideas in class I shared my thoughts about making a toy or a game, that is independent and not connected to a computer, but can also teach an electric behavior for young kids. After our brainstorming sessions, we came up with a prototype for our idea, kid’s toy, that exist in the physical world, and for our ICM project – to complete the toy with a guide for the parents, rather than just showing mirrored digital toy. The guide will demonstrate and show what’s going on in every stage of the game puzzle that was solved. We are thinking of a version where the toy conected to the computer and in this one, the parent can control the variables related to the output of the object.

I was inspired by wooden toy games, which I feel can really attract the eye, and if we can make it interactive that can be fun for kids to play with, and also attract parents to get it to their kids.

Barn_Blocks_0102 Barn_Blocks_0054

We draw diagrams for the whole set of toys. that each one teaches a different output:

IMG_1564 IMG_8407

Our first attempt to describe how the toy will look like is this:







The ICM version of the toy will go through all the shapes and possibilities that the child can make with the toy.




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