Physical Computing – Week #1

What is interaction?

Interactivity can be defined as a form of communication in which both sided listen, think and speaks. Both sides need to react. For example, other than play or a TV show, audience size is the most important factor in permitting interactivity in performance art. Interactivity described as superior to all other forms of expression. When an interaction works – we are truly engaged.

An interactive experience will sweep us in, other than a book or a play, because we don’t have the other side that react to us.

A lot of our interfaces require coherent and intelligent interfaces, but we need to remember that it’s not enough. From the book reading by Crawford, graphic designers should know how to not just make it pretty, it needs to integrates form with function.

Bret Victor in his essay, give us wonderful examples why the future of interaction shouldn’t be based on “pictures under glass”, but will use a very basic and most natural tool that we have – our hands. He truly makes a point of how bad our future will look like if we only going to use the tap that our finger can make, and not the whole spectrum of possibilities that out own tools can give us.

Use your hand and click here.

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