Physical Computing – Week #2

Labs: Electronics

This week in class, we got familiar with a lot of components and terms in electronics, and saw examples of how to create circuit on a breadboard, started to build simple circuits and using multimeter.


↯ Sensors: translates signals from analog to digital. There are also actuators which translate digital to analog.

↯ Switches: Closing a circuit only when pressed/toggle/spin.

↯ Voltage regulator: 7805 regulator, translate input of 8-15V to output of 5V.

↯ LED’s are Diodes that emits light.

↯ Resistors: Resist the flow of electrical current

↯Beard-board: Tool for building circuits, and test it.

↯ DC Motor: An electromagnetic field generated by current flowing through a wire coil.

↯ Power jack:  with a help from residents Ziv and John I manages to solder my own power jack! it was a fun little project by itself:





Current(I) – flow of electric charge, measured in Amps.

Voltage(V) – amount of energy to travel in circuit, measured in Volts.

Resistance(R) – used to control the flow of current. unit of electrical resistance is the ohm (Ω).

There are three formulas to get one of those variables:

V = I × R

I =  V
R =  V

I also found web site that can calculate this.



I started with setting up a breadboard, and used the power jack I soldered:







Arrangement of switches – three switches in parallel:


Three switches is series:


DC Motor:


For my home work I decided to create a switch with a matchbox.

I started in trying to write to myself the schematic for it:


















At first I wanted to create a switch that works from both sides of the box. But after spending a lot of time in soldering and creating the first LED, I decided to keep it one side.

I bought a coin battery of 3V, that way I could solder a circuit and put it inside the box:



My first attempt to create the switch, was with conductive tape, it was a good tryout, but the connection was not solid al of the times. This part meant to close the circuit.

The soldered open circuit:thumb__A1A9776_1024

Final result:


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