Intro to fabrication – Week #5 – Materials

This week we need to build something out of two materials, without using plywood or acrylic. I went to buy some copper at Blick store for our fabrication class, and had this idea in my mind to create a pencil if I’ll find nice lead tube. I found a few tubes that I could use, and decided to get the cheapest one and to make a quick test. I got some scrap wood and cut it to be a long straight rectangle shape, using the band saw. I sand it to have 6 equal faces, (tried to at least…) it always had one of the sides better than the other, but I figure I should measure and mark until where’s my sanding should continue. The next step was to create a hole for the lead. I measured it with caliper and got 17.6mm, while 1/2″ spade bit will cut only 17mm….

I cut it with the spade bit anyway, and then Jesse, that lended me the caliper, offered me to sand it with an acrylic tube covered with sanding paper. I did that, and could match a bit the width of the hole to the lead. I needed to push it in, and the lead is quite soft, so eventually 1″ length of the lead went in. I then sanded both of the materials together using the sand machine as a sharpener.  I guess the for a quick tryout I’m satisfied with the results, and should thik about paint it or laser cut it later on…

thumb_IMG_4744_1024 thumb_IMG_4745_1024 thumb_IMG_4746_1024 thumb_IMG_4747_1024 thumb_IMG_4748_1024

Few Lasercut tests:


thumb_IMG_4750_1024 thumb_IMG_4751_1024 thumb_IMG_4752_1024 thumb_IMG_4753_1024 thumb_IMG_4754_1024 thumb_IMG_4755_1024 thumb_IMG_4756_1024 thumb_IMG_4757_1024

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  1. Nice work. Where did you buy lead rod?

    The fit between the two materials looks great, very tight tolerances.

    I like your technique of recording and testing your laser etches.

    In the States we have a brand of pencils called #2 pencils. Might make for a funny laser etch

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