Intro to fabrication – Week #6 – Final Project

This week we had all our finals, including P-comp- which i’m making with the CNC machine. After a few tryouts and cutting from both sides of the material for our stacking toy, I wanted to do some layered work with the machine, on one piece.

This is few of the tests I did last week while working on Pcomp final:


And this is our final P-comp which made out of 3 circles that include pocket cut from both sides to house the acrylic:


I decided to create this week project for my friends, Matan and Limor, that getting married this week, and I won’t be able to attend their wedding, so I thought I should just show them how I spend bunch of time thinking about them 🙂


Other friend of ours, Aviel Basil, is an illustrator and made some cute illustrations of the couple, including their cat:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.20.22 PM

I then started to apply some changes in order to get the right shapes, cut in the right way:


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.21.49 PM

I planned to have 3 different stages of height:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.23.12 PM

White,black and brown represent each layer.

After remaking the shapes in order to fit a CNC cut, I went to find some wood i’m Home depot, they have a lot of wood supply and bits in their Bed-Stuy location, I found two materials that were cheap and looked good, 1/4 inch plywood and tempered hardboard.

thumb_IMG_4836_1024 thumb_IMG_4837_1024

After I had the materials, I prepared the cutting file in Mastercam:




One sad thing happened this week – both of my 1/4 bits were broken (not by me), so I needed to get new one. While I made my mastercam files, I figured this object will need to be much bigger than I wanted in order to fit the bit I found from Shuan. He had an 1/8 bit, but I didn’t want to take the risk if it will break, from what I understand it is much more delicate bit..

The first CNC cut didn’t went well, and something was off with my numbers, beacouse the CNC cut all the way through instead of  only -0.05 inch from the material surface. In order to not make this mistake again I prepared a test file with my measurements and then cut it:


Even after I made this test, and using a new material- It still cut all the way though! I got some help from Dani Rozin, also in the software, but we ended up taking the Z point of the cutting software a bit higher, and continued my cutting process. The face the the material was thin and the bed was not that straight- didn’t helped. I guess I should always have another piece of wood under my stuff, no matter what’s in the bed of the machine, if I’ll use the same wood.

After the Z point was higher, it started to make sense. You can see the first tryout where there’s a hole, and the rest of it after we took the z point higher.


It also had some differences from the top of the bed to the bottom of it:


The far end cutting as it should, and the closer area didn’t cut the same. I figured I should continue with this, also because I knew I had another layer that can cover the big holes in the hair area.


I sanded and cleaned the wood from any spare material around it.


Then I continued to the second part- The laser cut of the second layer. I made some test to check what is the best numbers for the tempered hardboard: on the 75W machine : 8/100/20 twice.


card board test, to make sure the size fits, after a few changes in the mastercam I didn’t remember what size was the final, and wanted to be sure i’m cutting the right size…




I made sure to cut it in mirrored image, so the front smooth material will face up. The material was cut really smooth and kept it’s strength while taking it off. I really liked it, wish I knew about it before..

Eventually I got it ready, but it looks like paint would hurt…I guess it’a all operation I should do after the show 🙂 I still need to make Limor’s illustration!

When the parts are not glued, it’s actually looks like a kid, and as a grown up! nice effect I didn’t thought will happen- but was surprisingly functional !…




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