Subtraction – Week #2 SKILL BUILDER: Other Mill

This week we got to know the Other mill, which is a really small CNC machine. It’s using 1/8 inch bit and smaller, and really good in cutting small parts from different materials, including metal, Plywood, Aluminum,  PCB boards and more.. I started with cutting some pieces of wood and aluminum. I used 1/8″ bit and plywood.

  • IMG_5049

I cleaned the bed and the machine itself before I started.


After placing the material, I calibrated the bed (Homing) and also oriented the bit.

I decided to go with a small refresher tree shape. I divided the work to three different files : tree outline, rounded cut through hole, and rounded rect engraving. I manually placed them in place because I didn’t have any marks to align to. I should do it next time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.01.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.00.55 PM


This is what happened in my first tryout when I didn’t divided the layers:



And this is the result after I made the cutting in 2 different operations:





IMG_5068 IMG_5067


After the second round, I went back to the machine and this time with Aluminum. I measures the material and gave the engraving and the cutting new numbers.

IMG_5186 IMG_5188 IMG_5187


The machine ended the operation a bit far from the edge of the material but I was was able to take it out.



IMG_5195 IMG_5193


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