Subtraction – Week #5 CNC Project

This week we had to continue working on our 2 weeks CNC project. All this time I debated whether I should make some sort of a furniture, or continue making the smiley joint to a functional object.
After a test I did for the smileys I figured I should keep it small, and make a 2 sided object, like my Pcomp project. I remember that I had fun trying to master this technique.
I designed more faces, that relatively remind me some people that I know 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.19.04 AM
While working on the design I thought how I can make the object be interactive somehow, and thought to create stamps that follow the positive area of the cut. I imagined it with pink rubber in the end.
I went to Prince lumber at 18 st, just to figure out that they moved!! This is the note from the website:
618 West 47th Street, NY, NY 10036. Please note that Prince Hardware is still open at 436 West 18th Street
I also noticed that their manager’s name is Ben Lambright! 🙂
Luckily, João introduced me to another lumber store in Soho- Metropolitan lumber. I went there and got some  1.1″ plywood with more layers than I tried in my tests, 1″ maple, 1.8″ mahogany piece.. On the way out I found two scraps pieces that no one really care that I’ll take..
The different types of wood encouraged me to make some sort of a puzzle, and I decided to make the handle of the stamps as a joint, and that way to try different woods, and maybe even one handle can switch faces..
My first test was on the school’s plywood, just to test sizes, positive negative cut, and test the handles joint.
 My second cut was on the new plywood, which was looking good in the cutting. This test showed most of the problems that I had in my design.. Square edges that suppose to go into rounded corners, depth comparison and centered cut problems.
The method of making the stamp require to make the design start from the center- then flipping the wood and readjust the Z axis- and continue from the same middle.
As you can see here, my first attempt didn’t end well.. I have mistakes picking the center in the second part of the cutting.
The handles had a different story. I had to calculate the material as my space between shapes, in order for them to slide in to another.
First test of handles:

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