Subtraction – Week #7 More from the Metal lathe


This week of spring break I had a chance to try more materials on the lathe. Ben left us some pieces to use. I took one piece of brass that looks promising and also small piece of Derlin. Before I started with the special materials, I wanted to try and make another aluminum piece, and this time I wanted to make something more functional.



After setting up I started to face the piece:


Then I used the turning tool to start and create diagonal cut in the material:

IMG_6003 IMG_6004 IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6007 IMG_6008

By this point I decided to create dreidel, which can be fun to see if it works..

IMG_6009 IMG_6010 IMG_6011 IMG_6012 IMG_6013

I part the dreidel until it fell, which was a bit scary- but it just fell and didn’t fly somewhere…I took some pictures of all what I made in the end 🙂

I continued to the delrin, in which one I decided to try the boring tool, I saw that emmanuel used it before me and recommend me to drill first and then use it from the inside hole.


Eventually I made a 2 parts box from the delrin, and because if the hole it could also be used as a whistle.


The brass was really fun to turn. It had this golden dust coming out if it, other than razor sharp threads like the aluminum.

I decided to tap this part for our class assignment.

IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6086 IMG_6087 IMG_6088 IMG_6089
IMG_6113 IMG_6114

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